An Armani Suit with a Versace Tie

You may think a suit and tie an odd way to describe the design and architecture of a resort property, but when you hear it explained in regard to M Resort, it’s incredibly apt. We recently spoke to Jessika Sterling, Director of Design and Branding for Marnell Companies, who was the brand and design lead for the M Resort project.

Sterling said designing M definitely started with Anthony and Tony Marnell, incorporating not only what they wanted the property to be, but also incorporating years of their knowledge after literally designing and building much of what we recognize as today’s Las Vegas skyline. Here’s how Sterling describes the initial process:

“First we develop the brand, which isn’t just the logo and marketing side of things – it’s the overall voice that you create for any project. It’s a very strategic way of thinking. You have to understand the customer, talk to the client and look at the competition. It’s about predicting the future and price point positioning. You’re setting the tone of the entire property.”

So what’s with the suit and tie? Like the overall design and feel of M, an Armani suit is classic, timeless and a perfect example of subtle elegance. It’s one of those things that will never go out of style. You’ll own it and wear it for years. A Versace tie is what provides the personality – it’s the swirling geometry of the casino floor carpet (which by the way got its inspiration from a real Versace tie design), the luminous red lights in Marinelli’s, the Riva wooden speedboat inspired Veloce. Another way to look at it is like a number of children from the same family:RivablogVelocewoodblog

“Think of the brand as a family – each child has their own distinct personality, but when you put them together, you can see they’re all related. The individual venues and spaces here also have their own distinct personalities but you can still feel the voice of the overall design of the property coming through to form a whole. When you walk through the M, you can hear that voice. It travels down every aspect of the experience and applies to everything.”


One thing we returned to several times and which became the theme of M Resort’s design was the combination of aesthetics and functionality. Sterling said you’d be very challenged to find a property that offers the beauty and elegance that M does and the level of functionality it maintains. Most properties are lucky to possess one or the other. Things like the ingenious ceiling on the casino floor that houses modules which incorporate HVAC, cameras, fire extinguishers and more, but do so without creating an eyesore and also allow ease of relocation. Or the extensive corridor and elevator system running behind the restaurants which allow staff, food and trash to move quickly and efficiently without intruding on the guest experience. The columns, distinct rooflines and terraces, these too most certainly offer function but do it in a way very pleasing to the eye. Everything was laid out methodically and for a reason. Like a big jigsaw puzzle, everything fits together architecturally and functionally.

MResortDuskblogThe core and essence of M Resort as Sterling sees it? It’s comfortable. You feel comfortable here and for the most part, you’re not even sure why. The guest service is outstanding, the food is amazing, the rooms are incredibly well-appointed, and on and on. There are a million specific things you can point to that people love about M, but there’s also something wonderful which permeates this place, something you can’t see or touch, it’s something that simply is M.