Putting the "special" in Special Event

We get a lot of meetings and conference groups here at M Resort, and fall is definitely one of our busiest times. If you've ever planned a large-scale event or something smaller but still used a "host" property/venue, you'll know that sometimes it can be difficult. It's a "special" event, right? Meaning, it needs to be special - you want to wow your guests whether they're friends, family, employees, potential customers, etc. And when you put that much time, effort and planning into something, the last thing you want is to have to deal with a difficult host property.

sandcastleblog2One of the nice things about M Resort is that we'll let you use just about any space you want to use - the restaurants, the pool, the meeting spaces of course and the terraces. How about those terraces? We recently hosted the Carlson Wagonlit Travel Performance Summit here at M Resort and they made a rather spectacular use of Terrace 3. The theme of the summit was "Shaping our Future" and they decided on a beach theme for their closing reception. How to bring those two things together? How about a 46 ton, 13' tall, 4-day to "shape" sand sculpture? Courtesy of The Sand Sculpture Company based out of Woodstock, Illinois, the attendees of Carlson Wagonlit Travel's summit definitely got something special at their special event.

Whatever it is, big or small, indoors or out, business or pleasure be sure to make your special event special. And remember that here at M Resort, we'll make it a point to help you accomplish that and make it as easy as possible for you.