Intimately Epicurean

There are a few hidden gems you may not know about here at M Resort. Tucked away at each of our fine dining restaurants - Marinelli's, Terzetto and Veloce Cibo - are some spectacular private dining rooms. Each has its own distinctive style complimenting the restaurant in which it resides, and each has a spectacular view.

MarinellisPD1Marinelli's private room offers one of the most unique light fixtures you may ever come across - the hand sculpted glass tubes a fiery red. The room features a modern glass fireplace which contrasts beautifully with the classic Marnell Family lion's heads which grace the opposite wall. The floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the Villaggio Del Sole pool and entertainment piazza. TerzettoPD1

Terzetto's private dining room is warm and elegant. Rich browns and creams accent the dark woods. One wall houses three stunning glass sculptures and the walls themselves are covered in beautiful travertine. Like Marinelli's room, this private dining area also offers views of the Villaggio Del Sole piazza and Vegas beyond.

VelocePD2Perched sixteen floors above the desert floor is Veloce Cibo's private rooms. Tucked at the far end of the restaurant, the view from these rooms definitely steal the show (until the food arrives of course). The chairs are comfortable brown leather and the unique pendant fixtures offer a soft glow. The glow of the valley and distinctive Vegas skyline make a fantastic conversation piece but might just leave you speechless too.

Remember that dining out is an experience and not just a meal. The atmosphere around you and the service you receive are just as important as the food you eat. Let's face it, when you spend your hard earned money on a nice meal, you want everything to be just right. The next time you want to get together with a group of friends to dine for a special occasion or just want that little extra something to make the experience special, try one of our private dining rooms here at M.