"Thank you for calling M Resort…"

pbxblog7You might think a call center (aka a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or operator) would be one of the least entertaining and interesting departments in a business. That's definitely not the case here at M Resort. The call center team is incredibly knowledgeable about the property and how everything here at M works. They have to be as they handle between 2,000 and 2,400 calls a day. They're comprised of a 23 person team with 6-8 working at any given time and yes, they're open for business 24 hours a day.pbxblog1

The call center is one of those places where you know that the people working there take it upon themselves to create a fun environment and one which also motivates and educates simultaneously. Every quarter, the call center gets a new "theme." Last quarter it was a luau - complete with palm trees, leis and a volcano. This quarter though, it's time to hit the high seas, raise the Jolly Roger and buckle on your cutlass. Pirates have invaded the PBX. From pirate themed notices and signs, to a treasure chest suggestion box and a huge pirate galleon blasting its way through the cubicles, the call center is decorated head-to-toe in swashbuckling scenery.pbxblog4

The decorations aren't just for show either. They certainly create an entertaining work environment (we heard that for the few days between themes it's a little hard to deal with the plain old office!) but they also are an opportunity for team building and the reinforcement of the call center's commitment to service standards. The whole team gets to vote on the themes as well as participate in the decorating (by the way, they said they're going to "spook things up" a little for Halloween). The pbxblog3messages displayed remind everyone about M Resort's commitment to guest service and upholding the standards of our Forbes four-star rating. You'll find everything from: "Staff is polite and maintains a gracious tone and appropriate pace over entire call" to "Service must be handled without excessive delays or interruptions" and many more. If you've ever had the pleasure - and yes, it absolutely is a pleasure - to speak to one of our Team Members in the call center, you'll know they take their service standards very seriously…and have a whole lot of fun in a creative atmosphere at the same time.pbxblog9