We've got gas…

…at the M Resort gas station. What? M Resort gas station? Indeed. As you pass the resort on St. Rose Parkway you may have noticed the ARCO AM/PM gas station on the corner near the northern entrance to the property. It's clean, comfortable, convenient, and offers gas, goodies and a car wash. It's perfect for guests hitting the road back home after a nice long stay or for Henderson residents jumping on Las Vegas Boulevard or the I-15 on their way to work in the morning.

gastationblog1Here's what you may not know about the M Resort gas station - you can use your iMagine Rewards points there. Filling up your car? Getting it washed? (Card members get a $1-3 discount on the car wash too!) Want a giant bladder-busting ice cold beverage for that long hot drive? Just go inside and the clerk will swipe your card and convert your points into a cash value you can use.

Don't forget you can redeem your points for all kinds of other things here at the property too!carwashblog