Ten Off the Cuff Vol. II

We know you wanted another one, right? Here are 10 more off-the-cuff things we think are pretty cool at M Resort that you should know about:

The pastries at Baby Cakes are divine. Have one with your coffee, as an afternoon snack or take a big bag home or to the office. Believe us, they're gonna love you for it.

We've told you a bit about the loft suites and this is definitely one of the coolest features. As if the spectacular view, immaculate room and floor-to-ceiling windows weren't enough, the TV above the bed appears magically and tilts to just the right angle for you to watch while sprawled out in that oh-so-comfy bed.

VelocePatioblogAbove that loft suite? One of the most amazing outdoor spaces in Vegas. The patio outside Veloce's bar and lounge is something you have to experience. Relax with some sangria and watch the sunset.

imaginerewardsblogThe iMagine Rewards Club is cool. The point system is better, the gifts are better, the staff is friendlier, the cards just look niftier….


And while you're using that card, enjoy some of that natural light in the casino. WHAT?! NATURAL LIGHT IN A CASINO?! Yup.

TerzettoTableblogBeen to Terzetto yet? It's our steakhouse and if you're looking for a very cool place to dine, try the feature table. "Look mom, no legs!"


When it comes to cool things suspended from the ceiling, head down to Hostile Grape. Those are thousands of slats from wine barrels which came from the Marnell winery in Napa. An artist put them together, numbered them, took them all apart, then reassembled them here at the property.

cardsblogDon't know about you, but logoed playing cards are just cool. They scream "Vegas."

StudioKitchenblogHopefully you've seen it by now, but if you haven't, you need to check it out. It's a restaurant, it's a buffet, it's a show kitchen/TV studio? Just like you'd find your favorite celeb chef in on TV, there's a show kitchen inside Studio B with lights, cameras and plenty of cooking action with Martini Time - Vegas' only live cooking show.

bettingstationblogSports betting at M is something you have to try. Look at the betting stations!

That's 10! Check them out next time you visit us here at M!