Team Time

hopecoach1blogWe get a lot of comments from our guests about how much they appreciate our team members and the guest service here at M Resort. Hardly a day goes by that we don't get a Facebook post, tweet on Twitter or in-person comment thanking us for great guest service and often times calling out the efforts of particular team members by name. What an incredible tribute to our team and the amazing guest service they are committed to provide.

And because our team does such an outstanding job, M Resort tries to give something back to them beyond a paycheck, benefits and a job. We've told you about our team member of the month and year awards, but thought we'd also let you know a couple other things we've recently experienced as M Resort Team Members:

hopecoach2blogLast Thursday, the Hope Coach visited M Resort to offer breast cancer screenings to our team Members. What's the Hope Coach you ask? The Hope Coach (operated by the Nevada Cancer Institute) is a mobile digital mammography van that travels around the valley to various employers and offers breast cancer screenings. This greatly increases the availability and number of screenings by removing the barrier of people having to seek out care by instead bringing the care to them.

appreciationday1blogAccording to the American Cancer Society (ACS), Nevada has one of the lowest mammography screening rates nationally. As you may know, mammography is the best way to identify breast cancer in its early stages which in turn leads to much higher chances of beating the disease. Here in Las Vegas, we're lucky enough to be the home of the Nevada Cancer Institute and their Hope Coach. For more information about the Nevada Cancer Institute and to find out how you too can bring the Hope Coach to your place of work, visit

appreciationday2blogThursday was of course followed by Friday, but it wasn't any ordinary Friday. Last Friday was Team Member Appreciation Day. Yes, there were balloons and a festive atmosphere, but the really good stuff was of course the menu in the TDR (Team Dining Room) and the PRIZES! Lemon Pepper Crusted Bamboo Mahi-Mahi? Grilled New York steaks? Chicken Saltimbocca with sage, prosciutto and fontina cheese? Crab legs? Yes, yes, yes and yes…and more. There were also drawings for some pretty great prizes like free room nights, dining certificates, spa treatments and big-screen LCD TVs!