Get Logoed

If you haven't visited the Vice Shop, it's worth stopping by. Just the other day there was a 30% off sale with some awfully cool stuff. And we're not shy about saying it - the stuff we give away here at M Resort on gift days and the items available in the Vice Shop are pretty dang nice. Let's face something else, there are some logos that look great on just about anything you whack them on - t-shirts, pens, mugs, slot machines, hats, letterhead, the side of your building - and there are some that just shouldn't have made it out of anyone's brain. Of course, we think ours is one of the former. It's simple and elegant. It's clean and memorable. It goes great on, well, just about anything you want to whack it on. Here are a few of those things, including many of which you'll find in the Vice Shop: