High Limit doesn't mean High Roller

HLsalonentryblogIt seems there's a stigma that goes along with high limit rooms in Vegas. "I must not be able to play in there." "You have to have a ton of money to play in there." "Only the VIPs can get in that room." None of these are true of the high limit salon here at M Resort. Anyone can play in the high limit salon and while it's true the limits are higher than you'd find out on the main floor, you don't need to come walking in with a suitcase full of money (though, we're not going to stop you either!) You can bet in the high limit salon with as little as $5. Remember, if you're betting more, you have the opportunity to win more. And let's be honest, every guest is a VIP at M Resort.

HLsalonroomblogThe high limit salon here at M is tucked into a quiet corner on the main floor next to Marinelli's. You'll see some stunning chandeliers marking the entry as well as a lovely disc of polished hardwood inlaid with our distinctive M Resort logo. The salon is elegant, but not pretentious. It's cozy and inviting featuring warm colors and textures and an all-around comfortable atmosphere. One wall is shared with the spectacularly crimson-illuminated glass wine cellar in Marinelli's. You'll find another set of sparkling chandeliers above you, an inviting fireplace next to you and a smiling and helpful staff all around you. HLsalonbartopsblog

What can you play in the high limit salon? It features four bar-top electronic poker machines with $5 and $10 limits. (Yes, there's a lovely full-bar waiting for you!) There are also a variety of table games to choose from - a midi-baccarat table with limits of $100 - $10,000 per hand, four blackjack tables with limits of $100 - $5,000 per hand (the dealer stands on soft 17 and guests can choose the "surrender" option on shoe games), and you'll also find a single-zero roulette table with limits of $100 - $300 on inside bets and $100 - $3,000 on outside bets, not to mention a spectacular view overlooking the pool. Where else can you "bet the inside" and enjoy a view of the real outside at the same time? Need to take a break? There's an outdoor terrace where you can relax.

HLsalonviewblogThe high limit salon is open Monday through Thursday from noon to 2 a.m. and opens at noon on Friday staying open continuously until the following Monday at 4 a.m. So next time you visit us here at M Resort, stop by the high limit salon - place a bet and enjoy the elegant comfort, high roller or average Joe.