Get fit with a poolside view

Really - who wants to work out and stare at a blank wall or a bunch of other people working out? Not us and not you. That's why here at M Resort we made sure you could work out with a view.

Tucked behind Spa Mio you'll find our fitness center. It offers all the things you'd expect - rowing machines, stair master, treadmills and ellipticals, and a whole array of weight machines and free weights (aren't they nifty with the M logo?!). You'll find all the equipment is new, well-maintained and clean. Water and fresh fruit? On the house. Need a towel? We keep ours on ice for you. FCweightsblog

FCviewblogBut what is it that really makes the fitness center at M Resort stand out? The view. We certainly offer an array of televisions if it's the latest news, sports or celebrity gossip you want to catch up on, but if you're looking for something to really get you motivated, try gazing out at the spectacular Villaggio Del Sole pool and entertainment piazza. It's hard not to want to do 10 more reps or 15 more minutes when those azure waters are staring back your way, filled with frolicking summer guests.

FCmachines1blogLet's face it, it's easy to indulge here at M - with things like the best buffet in Vegas and 96 beers on tap offered, who could blame you? But don't worry, the view in the fitness center is waiting for a workout.