10 Off-the-Cuff Vol. I

M Resort is full of wonderful things, many of which we've told you about and many more you're yet to learn about. Every once in a while, we're going to bring you 10 off-the-cuff things we see and think are pretty cool around the property. Here's your first look:

What is it? Well, it's the porte cochere of course. That's the fancy French name (literally meaning "coach gate" or "carriage porch") for the covered area at the main entrance where valet, taxis, etc. are located. What's so great about this? Well, the architecture is awfully interesting, with its swooping glass roofline and integrated beams. When's the last time you saw a porte cochere you could see through?

MSmellblogNext up we've got something a little difficult to capture in an image but we did our best - the M Smell. Now this is one many of you have experienced, enjoyed and commented on. As casino scents go, this one is tough to beat.


Okay, okay - it's carpet. But come on, some casino carpets out there make you positively nauseous! And while we'd never claim this one was subtle, it's tasteful, warm, modern and fits the M just right.


Yep, that's a chair. What the heck is cool about a chair? Well, if you spend any time playing slots you'll know. We didn't shirk when it came to spending money on chairs - they're comfy and perhaps just as important, they're light. Ever tried to move a chair at a casino and thought it surely must be bolted to the floor? Errgh.

How about a little back-of-house for you? What's this you ask? Looks pretty plain and boring, but it's actually pretty cool. These are windows that allow team members to see inside the bakery finishing room. As we walk by on our day-to-day travels, we can sometimes catch a glimpse of our pastry chefs decorating those amazing cakes and desserts you see around the property.

BeerWineBuffetblogThirsty? Beer and wine is included in the price of Las Vegas' best buffet. Enough said.


Ah yes. If you haven't stayed with us yet, it's time. Why? Well the rooms are suite (and yes, we meant to misspell that!) and have some great features. That's a TV in the mirror so you can catch up on the morning news when you're getting ready, check the weather if you're travelling, or perhaps not miss one minute of that late night program before you hop into that delightful bed.


There's an awful lot of amazing art at M if you take a moment to stroll about and look for it. This is the sculpture outside Spa Mio. It's just cool.


Never seen this before? Time to get yourself a VIP cabana and spend a day at the pool. That's right, there's a little private pool hiding at the back of them. Awesome.


Well, we couldn't get an image of them all, so this was the best we could come up with today. Without our Team Members, M Resort would just be a big building full of nifty stuff. With them, it's a big building full of nifty stuff, smiles and outstanding service that will keep you coming back for more.