Uncommon Threads

When designing and building a property like M Resort, there are a million details that you simply can't afford to overlook. From the layout of the casino floor to the buffet menu and the light fixtures to the sheets your guests will sleep on, the list simply goes on and on and seems to never end. One thing that can sometimes fall by the wayside is uniforms. You may think that uniforms are a trifling cog in the vast machine that is a casino resort, but when you really stop and think about it, they are incredibly important to the team members and guests.

Uniforms2blogUnlike some properties where the uniforms seem to match the riotous carpet, the uniforms at M are simple and classy. Before the property was even a hole in the ground, planning for uniforms began. M chose to work with Cintas. Cintas operates more than 390 facilities in the U.S. and Canada, including four manufacturing plants and eight distribution centers that employ more than 30,000 people. More than 5 million people a day go to work in a uniform provided by Cintas every day. (They also do a whole lot of things other than uniforms!) Why Cintas? They were able to work with M and provide custom uniforms as well as consult, design and implement our custom uniform facilities. With multiple deadlines to be met, Cintas became the one-stop-shop for all things uniform.

While Cintas provides a multitude of "standard" uniform selections for every position from cocktail server to dealer, housekeeper to bellman and beyond, approximately 75 percent of the uniforms you'll find gracing the team members at M Resort are custom. Because the property itself is so distinctive, the uniforms themselves were created to harmonize with the surroundings. You'll find dark chocolate browns, silky creams, deep red tones and crisp black suits.

As a team member, we want to provide uniforms that are of course functional and comfortable, but also that make our team members feel good about themselves and their appearance. As a guest, the team member uniforms should be pleasing to your eye. They should enhance the team member's appearance and make you as the guest, feel comfortable and certain you're dealing with professional. Uniforms are a part of your overall guest experience and therefore cannot be overlooked.

Uniforms1blogBut what about the service side of things? How is it that we manage to provide clean uniforms every day for all those team members? And for that matter, how is it that they even get those uniforms every day? M Resort worked with Cintas to design an automated facility and system allowing team members to simply walk up to a window, identify themselves with their M Resort ID, and like magic, their uniform appears. Operating much like machines you see at a drycleaners, the uniforms rotate on large racks (M's room houses three that hold 600+ garments apiece) which are controlled by computers. You'll also find a few full-time and highly skilled tailors for repairs and alterations.

What does this magic uniform room mean to you as a guest? Part of M Resort's 4-star rating includes our ability to provide express garment service. Lost a button on your blouse just before that big meeting? Tore the pocket on your trousers? Not to worry - we've got things all sewn up.