Ante Up - Meet poker dealer Jasmine Freeman

JasmineFreemanblog2M Resort's poker room is almost always busy. And that doesn't mean you'll wait for a table, just that there are lots of people out there who like playing here. Why? One reason is most certainly the poker room staff. From top to bottom, they've created a team that feels more like a family. That camaraderie and comfort with each other has translated to the customers and turned M's poker room into a place where both players and staff are enjoying their time at the tables.

One reason, or person we should say, responsible for making poker at M the great experience it is, would be Jasmine Freeman. With a ready smile, a bright personality and dealer skills to match, she's an important part of a team that's managed to create a significant following of regular players.

Originally from Georgia and mother of two, Jasmine has been in Vegas for three years, transferring here while in a previous career where reports and paperwork were the daily grind. Jasmine first got involved in poker as a player, visiting various rooms at different properties all over the city. When asked what it's like being a woman playing poker in a game that's predominantly played by men she says, "I'm viewed as being pretty passive and as a tight player. It can work to my advantage early in the game because when I do make a bet, other players assume I have a great hand and fold."

She was told while playing that she might have the skills and personality to make a good dealer. The idea seemed crazy at first, but she's now been at it for two years and has definitely made her mark here at M. She originally came to work at M because of the location since she's a Green Valley resident, but says the property has a lot of other things to offer: "I definitely prefer working at a local's property. We have a consistent group of players that come in almost every day and I really enjoy getting to know them and forming relationships. It's also just a beautiful property."

When it comes to the room itself, convenience is key: "It's convenient for players and that's important. The room is very close to an entrance and parking. There's also a restroom nearby as well as food. There's not a long wait and it's a friendly place to play. We offer great promotions too, which keep players coming back. It's also not smoky which isn't true of a lot of rooms. People ask me sometimes how I can stand to work somewhere it's smoky all the time. It's not!"

Jasmine brings a lot to the table as a dealer that you probably won't find many other places: personality, a true love of what she's doing and interaction with customers. When asked what she brings to the table as a player she quickly responded: "A donation of chips?" After we finished laughing she went on to say for the most part she just plays to have fun and enjoy the game rather than going out to make money. She loves that poker is a communal game and that players and dealer get to interact with each other.

And what is it she loves about her job? The people she gets to work with. Jasmine tells us the M Resort poker team is full of great people who work well together and make each other's lives easier. They have fun and get a lot of support from management, which she says is definitely a rarity in the business.

Something you may not know about Jasmine? She's an avid rock climber. She was also M Resort's employee of the year. We hope you'll stop by and see her as well as all the other great team members who make M's poker room the place to play.