The Full Ethernet Floor

When you walk inside M Resort, you probably notice that it isn't like the vast majority of other properties here in Las Vegas. It's new. It's modern. It's innovative. From the architecture and design elements to the restaurants, rooms, pool and piazza, you know that a great deal of thought, time and effort went into the planning and execution of the property. Something that may have slipped your notice however, is quietly lurking beneath the casino floor.

No need to worry or watch where you're putting your feet though. What you'll find beneath the casino floor is what those in the biz like to call a "full Ethernet gaming floor." In a casino environment the ability to change and adapt is crucial. Almost all current casinos in Las Vegas still use serial data connections to their slot machines. Here at M Resort we have nearly 1,900 machines operating at any one time in groups of six to eight machines called “banks”. Our slots utilize Ethernet connections and have a dedicated network switch located in the base of the machine.

CasinoFloorblogNow that's all well and good, but what does it mean for you the slot player and what's the benefit? Have you ever walked onto a slot floor and found that an entire bank of machines, the bank you were planning on sitting at of course, is shut down? Here at M, moving or changing slot machines is as simple as unplugging, moving and plugging back in. Casinos without a full Ethernet floor often have to rewire the machine and changing out one machine often means shutting down and changing the entire bank. What the full Ethernet gaming floor ultimately means for you, is that we can very quickly and easily change our floor configuration, add new machines and offer the latest and greatest games from the slot manufacturers. It means a lot less interruption to the slot floor and less hassle for you the player. It also means you are able to use and enjoy all the features and technological advances of those new machines whereas casinos without the latest technology in their floor are stuck with outdated technology on their floor.

So next time you sit down in front of your favorite machine here at M or find that brand new machine you've been dying to try, remember what's lurking beneath the casino floor and why it's great.