Catering Tips for the Client

Resort6929Catering3Have a social event or business meeting coming up? You should consider having it here at M Resort. Not only can we offer you an amazing setting (even outside by the pool!) and the best service, we can cater it to perfection as well. Since you can't have every event here at M (though we hope you'll at least try), we thought we'd pass along some tips for you as the client to use the next time you're having a catered event:

  1. List all your catering needs prior to contacting a catering source. Know your budget so they are able to give you an accurate estimate on what they can offer.
  2. Face-time is important, but not completely necessary. If feasible, plan to meet with your Catering Manager. Make sure you understand each other and get to know your venue.
  3. Ask if you can preview another event similar to that which you are planning. You need not attend the event, but seeing how the room is set prior to the doors opening can help you visualize your own event and maybe spark some ideas.
  4. Know what your costs are going to be. Be sure all costs are spelled out in writing. Gratuities, taxes, labor fees, d?cor fees and any other items need to be understood from both parties so you can accurately budget.
  5. Seating charts to scale help determine how well the room will flow and if any adjustments need to be made. You don't want to make changes at the last minute before your event as you will have definitely have other things to tend to.
  6. Be sure to discuss all aspects of your event. Linens, china, glass, tables, chairs, audio visual, staff attire and d?cor elements are a good start. Be sure to visualize your event and write down everything you think you will need to make it successful.
  7. Are you serving alcohol? If so, how many bars, what booze will you serve, wine with dinner, cash or hosted bar or a combination of the two? These are a sampling of questions to ask, and the more detailed the better.
  8. Remember staffing guidelines. Most venues follow simple but strict guidelines to staffing for an event. Be sure to ask how many servers or bartenders will be handling your function. If you feel you need more, ask to increase the ratios but be prepared to pay a little extra.
  9. Be sure you understand your billing. Deposits, final payments, and an accurate quote should be carefully reviewed and adhered to. If you add any additional items at the event, expect to sign for them on the spot.
  10. Cost-saving tips vary, but here are a few: Day parties tend to be less expensive than evening affairs. Hire a DJ instead of a band, but be sure you get a sampling of their music first. Weekdays can be less expensive and holiday parties in January are becoming more frequent. Manage your catering choices carefully - do you really need five salads or can you get away with three? Same with entrees and desserts. Go with a beer and wine package instead of a full bar or offer a set amount of drink tickets and go to a cash bar afterwards. Fill your guests with pasta or potatoes when providing action stations and save on adding that extra station.

So why not have that next catered event here at M? Don't forget we offer great discounts to locals for events. Call us at 702-797-1919 or check out this link for details: Catering