Secrets behind F&B at M Resort

If you're a regular reader of The M Point of View blog, a visitor to the property or even a fan of reality TV, you probably know that food and beverage is one of the most, if not the most important component of what M Resort has to offer. From the award-winning Studio B Buffet to the unique views and culinary delights offered by Veloce Cibo, food and beverage is integral to what we do here. That being said, we thought we'd offer you an insider's view of some F&B secrets at M:

TerzetoNewYorkStripblogThe property has nearly 30,000 square feet of kitchen and culinary work areas dedicated to the culinary arts.

Want that crusty ciabatta that tastes just like it does in Italy? At the M Resort, you'll get it. The resort "creates" its own water on-site to make its breads and pastries. The PH balance of the water can be adjusted to match the exact PH balance of the water in any city in the world. When it comes to making bread and pastries, the interaction between the water and the other ingredients is critical, creating distinct flavors and textures. New York-style bagels are made with water that matches New York and French baguettes are matched to Paris.

Farm fresh is not just a saying at the M Resort. The property offers a reserve list of American-raised Wagyu Kobe Beef from the Marnell family ranch in Montana in its Terzetto Steak and Seafood restaurant. Much like a reserve wine list, the reserve beef list offers connoisseurs a taste and tenderness that will definitely impress - our guests go through 6,000 lbs. a month.

tapsblogFresh from the sea? Well not quite, but as close as we can get. A peek inside our main kitchen reveals holding tanks where seafood is kept "still kickin'" as long as possible to offer you the freshest product on your plate.

Charcuterie? That's the fancy French name for a place you cure and sell meat. Here at M, we cure our own meats such as pastrami, salami and pepperoni. We're ageing our own cheeses too.

Not only will you find 96 different beers and ciders on tap at 32 Degrees Draft Bar, you'll even find M's own cider. Why 32? Well, we designed this bar to allow the keg storage to be directly below the taps. Why, you might ask? Less time from keg to tap means much colder beer for you.

winebottlesblogYou'll find more than 160 wines by the glass in Hostile Grape, offered up by one of the largest Enomatic wine dispensing installations in the world. Several of these wines (6 different labels in fact) come from grapes produced at the Marnell family vineyard located in California. We not only serve it in our bars and restaurants, but also gave 250,000 bottles of it away to our iMagine Rewards members last year.