Social Dining at M Resort

TerzettoTableblogKnown for their innovation in the gaming industry, and particularly with regard to food and beverage, the Marnell family understands that dining isn't just about the food. Don't get us wrong, the food is important and the food at the M Resort is nothing short of outstanding. But dining is about more than what you eat - it's about the entire experience. Dining out is an experience that surely must be the most popular form of entertainment outside the home that people partake in. And if you're not entertained when you're dining, you should find a new restaurant.

At M Resort, the concept of social dining is intimately incorporated throughout. Those terraces overlooking the pool boast a unique south to north view of the Strip and invite people to see and be seen. The terraces tempt conversation and interaction. Private dining spaces and perfect portions of unexpected delights come together to create an unmatched experience for guests. The music is right - the lighting is too. The materials that surround you were chosen with utmost care, just like the ingredients in every dish, cocktail and dessert.

RedCupBoothblogSocial dining is a concept meant to offer you the diner, (and in turn the guest we're meant to entertain), options when it comes to enjoying our restaurants - and we're not talking just the variety of menu items you'll find. Are you a table kind of person, someone who likes to be out in the middle of things and don't mind being seen? Maybe you prefer a nice closed-in booth, allowing you an intimate setting but the ability to see and watch those dining around you. Maybe it isn't other diners you want to see but people passing by outside the restaurant or lounging out by the pool. Dining at M is something akin attending the opera or a concert - you can be in the front row, sit way in the back, or maybe prefer a box seat overlooking the crowd.

HostileGrape1blogDon't forget that when you choose to spend your hard-earned money dining out, that in addition to an excellent meal, the entire experience should be pleasing. From the elegant Veloce perched atop the hotel tower to the spectacular Hostile Grape sunk cozily below the spa level and everything in between, we think you'll find a dining encounter that will certainly please you… gastronomically and socially.