March Madness - M's the place to watch and wager

March Madness is once again upon us. The bracket is set and the road to the Final Four and Championship is now something tangible for teams and fans across the country. Here in Vegas, there are two things we tend to pay attention to when this time of year arrives: our UNLV Runnin' Rebels and sports betting.

The Rebels will be taking on the Panthers of the University of Northern Iowa tomorrow night in Oklahoma City. It's looking like a great match-up so be sure to check it out. And if you want to check it out somewhere great, we can move on to the second thing we pay a lot of attention to here in Vegas during March Madness. If you've never been to our race and sports book here at M Resort, you've been missing out. Why? First of all, it's just plain cool and comfy. There's always a great atmosphere with tons of seats, LOTS of screens and the friendliest staff you'll find in Vegas.

In-Running-DeviceblogWhat really makes it the place to be, however, is our in-running wagering. The first casino in the country to offer it, M Resort allows you to bet throughout a game. Is your team behind? Hedge your bet. It's so cool, ESPN just ranked us the #1 race and sports book to watch the tournament. Here's a little excerpt from Chad Millman's article, "Five best sports books for watching the tourney":

Know what I’m getting a lot of these days? Questions about where to watch the NCAA tournament in Las Vegas. Seems heading to The Strip for the first four days of March Madness is a really big deal. Who knew?….

So, herewith, are the consensus picks:

1.The M Resort - The newbie on the scene won hands down. The M is on Las Vegas Boulevard, but it’s a 15-minute drive from the main drag. It’s not that big of a deal. I’ve made the trek half a dozen times. You’ll spend more time stuck in traffic going from Mandalay to Caesars on a Saturday night. The book is nice, the chairs comfy and the food good. But the reasons it gets the nod from the wise guys are the high limits and the in-game wagering - betting on spreads and odds that change with nearly every play - which makes the book feel like the floor of a Wall Street trading firm during a game. “The best,” Fezzik told me. “Not even close.”

You can read the full-article at with an ESPN Insider account. So what are you waiting for? There's no better place to watch the tournament this year than M Resort.