iMagine Rewards - You can use points where?!

M Resort is home to more than 92,000 square feet of gaming action. Our expansive casino floor showcases the best gaming mix in town, featuring nearly 1,900 machines and the latest and greatest in gaming technology. From pennies to $100, M Resort players enjoy a wide range of denominations fit for the casual player or high-roller. Couple this fantastic casino floor with the iMagine Rewards Club and the result is an unparalleled edge over any other Las Vegas resort.

So what is it about iMagine Rewards that makes it so great? Let's face it - pretty much every casino out there has some kind of rewards program and just about every program out there operates in a similar matter - players earn points through their slot and/or table play and can in turn redeem those earned points, usually for things like slot play, dining and branded merchandise. Well that's all true for M Resort and its iMagine Rewards program too, but there's definitely a few things that make benefits for members truly unique.

iMagine Rewards Club offers its members an up-front, simple point-redemption policy. Players enjoy the option to redeem their points for cash, comps AND free play among other things. Our iMagine Rewards Club is all about options and lots of them. The rewards program was developed to offer the best value to our club members by allowing them to redeem their points however they choose. Guests are free to select the rewards that best suit their individual lifestyle and the result is a flexible program with something for everyone.

SlotsblogWhat really makes iMagine Rewards unique, however, are the other places players can redeem their points. Did you know M Resort has an onsite, full-service pharmacy? Gas station and car wash? Want to get a facial or massage at Spa Mio or is fine dining your thing? If you pay for your meal with points at Veloce Cibo, Terzetto and Marinelli's, we'll give you a 50% discount this month. There are tons of other benefits you'll enjoy in and around the property too.

So what's the bottom line? If you come and enjoy yourself here at M Resort, you should get yourself an iMagine Rewards Card - it's free and right now new members have a choice of an M logo t-shirt or $5 in free slot play when you sign up. If you don't come to M Resort, well, you have to get down here and check us out!