Inside Out - Outside In

lobbybarblogInside out and outside in. Maybe you've noticed it and maybe you haven't. There's something about M Resort that's different. And we're not just talking about the great dining, gaming, entertainment, rooms, etc. We're talking about the resort itself.

It's a concept that comes through in the architecture and design, the materials and space. M Resort isn't just another smoke-filled, low-ceilinged rectangle full of slot machines. It isn't a maze designed to trap you with a fist full of twenties with nowhere to go and nothing to do but gamble.

The resort is full of natural light. Skylights and windows are always near at hand. Restaurants flow from interior dining rooms to outdoor dining spaces. Just look at walls - follow them from inside the structure as they flow seamlessly outside. The ceilings are high; the corridors spacious and the entrances/exits always close by. There are times of day when you can actually see through the building from the outside, the glass on either side unobstructed by any clutter inside.

he woods, the glass, the tiles and fabrics - they too promote a unity with what lies beyond the walls. There's warmth here and something inviting - nothing in your face screaming "casino." We think that's why it works.

lobbyoveralbloglWhether you come to the M to dine, to see some live entertainment, to watch the game, relax at the spa or yes, hit the slots on the casino floor, there's something about the way the whole place is put together that provides a comfortable way of doing it.

As we said, it may not be something you've noticed, but it's probably something you've felt.