First Look at the Nation's Tallest Christmas Tree

We know, we know, Thanksgiving hasn't even happened and here we are posting about our December holiday happenings, but we are truly so excited to share our BIG news that we just couldn't help it. This year, we're celebrating big, really big. So big that we're the home of the Nation's Tallest Christmas Tree! Here's a first look at our tree - it's the beautiful one in the center of our photo!

MChristmasTreeFirstLookOne of the common questions we've been getting is - is it really the tallest? YES! We're taller than Rockefeller (76 ft Norway Spruce) and we're taller than the Capitol Christmas Tree (85 ft Blue Spruce). We're even taller than South Coast Plaza's tree (96-ft White Fir). South Coast Plaza is in Costa Mesa, California for those now wondering.

Our beautiful White Fir will stand proudly at 109 ft.

Our tree will make the approximately 900-mile trip here to be placed in our piazza for the entire city of Las Vegas (and nation) to see. Our piazza was so well-designed that even a hole for the tree was pre-dug during construction. That's advanced planning at its finest.

We hope the tree will bring visitors to our great city and also spread a little holiday cheer throughout our community and the nation.

We'll be sure to post photos of the tree's arrival, decorating and of course the lighting. We're also creating a special tree commercial that we'll post as soon as it's finished - we might even show some previews.

Mark your calendars now - the Tree Lighting Ceremony will be Saturday, December 12 at 5 pm. We've got much more in store for the month of December and we'll be spreading holiday cheer right here every Tuesday.