Grey's Anatomy Returns!

Ravello-BarIf you're into the show, then you already know that the season six premiere episode of Grey's Anatomy airs this Thursday. What you might not know is that the M has teamed up with Channel 13 and JC from MIX 94.1 to host the ultimate viewing party inside the Ravello Lounge. We considered a handful of locations for the event, but we ultimately had to go with Ravello - privacy, comfy seating and the oversized projector make it the perfect venue for Grey's fans to welcome the new season!

A few of our team members are big fans of the show and in the spirit of the upcoming premiere, we thought it would be appropriate to post some fun facts about Grey's Anatomy. Test your Grey's knowledge and see how many of the following you already know.

  1. Most of the episode titles are song names.
  2. Richard and Ellis first met in OR-1, during a summer visit to Seattle Grace. They would later work together as interns in the same program.
  3. After graduating from college, Meredith spent her days backpacking across Europe. In her journal, she names Rome as her favorite city.
  4. Cristina was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was six years old.
  5. Izzie got a tattoo of a butterfly (above her right thigh) when she was six years old.
  6. George drives a tan hatchback to work (a gift from his mother).
  7. Addison sold the New York brownstone she shared with Derek, but kept their house in the Hamptons as an investment and for future use.
  8. Callie is heir to a widely popular hotel chain, based in Florida.
  9. Mark averages three noise complaints per week at his Archfield Hotel residence.
  10. Dr. Burke frequently asked for his mother to send some of her famous hickory-smoked BBQ from her Alabama-based restaurant. His favorite dish? The legendary, award-winning ribs.
  11. Derek’s favorite band is The Clash.
  12. In her entire life, Erica has never lost a game of darts.
  13. Dr. Bailey started playing the oboe in the fifth grade. She was later accepted into the prestigious New England Conservatory, but never went.
  14. According to the plaques in his office, Richard is consistently named one of the “Best Doctors in America” for general surgery.
  15. Alex was a champion wrestler at the University of Iowa. During his senior year, he was ranked first (25-1) in his 141-lb. division.

If you're interested in joining us this Thursday, RSVP at The party starts at 8pm!