M Resort Updates

On behalf of the M Resort Spa Casino, I want to thank you for patience and understanding in working through our recent kiosk conversion. There are many benefits that the new kiosk system affords us, but we also recognize that there were some things we can and have improved based on your feedback.

Account Balances (Coming Soon!)

We have added a new section on the “Account Info” tab called “Today’s Activity” that will let you know how many Tier Points and Marquee Comps you earned that day. Slot Point balances are still available on the machines, but now for the first time you have visibility not only to your overall Tier Score and Marquee Comp Balance, but to specifically how much was earned that day. We have also increased the font size of this screen to make it easier for guests to read.

Earning Criteria for Gifts and Drawings

Beginning in July, we will start to transition away from different earning criteria for Reels and Video Poker into one universal criteria – Tier Points. So as an example, instead of guests earning entries for every 250 Reel and 500 Video Poker points, guests will earn entries for every 250 Tier Points earned. This will apply to Table Games players too, so going forward there will be one criteria for all guests! And, even better, this means your Reel, Video Poker and Table Games play will now be consolidated together to meet the earning criteria!

Tuesday Senior Drawings

Beginning in May, Seniors now earn one free entry into the Tuesday Senior Drawing just by swiping at the kiosk. They must swipe before they begin playing each week during the earning period starting from 4am on Wednesday through 6:30pm on the following Wednesday. Due to configuration issues, any play after 6:30pm on Tuesdays and before the start of the weekly earning period of 4am on Wednesday, is outside of the earning period and unfortunately will not be considered for drawing entries. Another change is that we’ve added a “check in” time each drawing day. Every Tuesday, Seniors who want to participate in the Drawing must swipe at the kiosk between 4:30pm and 6:30pm in order to deposit their drawing tickets into the drum. This change improves the chances of winning for guests who are actually present during the drawing!

Marquee Rewards Online

Guests can now go online to view their offers from the convenience of their phone or computer! No need to wait for the mailer to see your offer! Click here to visit Marqueerewards.com.

Sign up for an online Marquee Rewards account:


We have heard the concerns about the long lines and the number and location of kiosks, so we are ordering more kiosks and expanding their locations to offer more coverage on the floor.

Dining Offers

Beginning in July, we are starting to transition toward paperless dining coupons! The coupons that are paperless will be clearly designated on the coupon and all you will need to do is bring your Marquee Rewards card and photo ID to the venue to redeem your offer! Click here for example offers.

Monthly Promotions

We are adding more ways to earn entries into the monthly promotions! New members receive 10 free entries for signing up. Plus, we’ve added 10x entry days onto the calendar and we’ve added daily bonuses based on tier for swiping at the kiosk. We’ve also added the check in requirement on the day of the drawing to ensure that only guests who are present will be eligible to win, thereby increasing your chances to win and ensuring more winners! Finally, the new kiosk system now has the ability to show the drawings on TV screens throughout the property so that you can continue to play at your favorite table game or slot machine and still participate in the drawings.

More Games

With this new kiosk system, you will start to see more games with more opportunities to win than ever before at the kiosk, such as the Birthday Game, New Member Game, You Pick the Prize games, Guess the Number games, etc.